Notable Numbers

Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake

1853 Year of the first N.C. State Fair

4,000 Attendance on the biggest day of that fair

1 million-plus Estimated attendance of this year’s fair, with good weather

1900 First food booths at the Fair

2016 Record-setting year for food booths, including deep-fried Jell-O

2016 First permanent ride, a gondola-type, slow mover called the State Fair Flyer is introduced, pleasing all attendees over the age of 40 and those inclined to eat too much on the midway

48 Percentage of voters likely to support Hillary Clinton for president, according to the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll

37 Percentage like to back Donald Trump in that same poll

80 (roughly) Percentage of Hispanic voters who don’t look favorably at Donald Trump in one poll

13 million Estimate of the number of Hispanics expected to vote in the presidential election

90 The percentage of African-American voters who, according to one poll, plan to vote for Hillary Clinton

30 The percentage of children in North Carolina who last year were in families receiving some form of public assistance (from the N.C. Budget and Tax Center)

34 Percentage of white children in the state whose homes bring in less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level

66 Percentage of African-American children in the state whose families make less than that 200 percent of the poverty level

$3.8 million The amount the Republican Attorneys General Association is spending against Democrat Josh Stein in his race against Republican state Sen. Buck Newton for state attorney general

$5 billion One estimate of the total cost of the 2016 presidential campaign