Notable numbers: Oklahoma earthquakes, men as nurses and weather fun

Notable numbers

Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake

37 The percentage of Republicans who say the United States ‘stands above all other countries’

25 The percentage of Democrats who believe that

40 The percentage of all Americans older than 65 who believe that

15 The percentage of Americans 18-29 who do

585 The number of earthquakes in Oklahoma last year with a magnitude 3.0 or greater

2 How many earthquakes Oklahoma averaged each year before 2009, when fracking began in the state

3 The number of times more earthquakes Oklahoma has now than California

1,225 The percentage increase in the cost of college since 1978

43,000 The number of people who received incorrect tax forms from the N.C. Department of Revenue

$2.6 billion What Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay to settle federal charges over its role in the mortgage bubble and financial crisis

$532.9 million What Apple has been ordered to pay for using software in its iTunes music store that infringes on patents held by a Texas company

46 The percentage more likely older Americans who sleep more than eight hours a night are to suffer a stroke in the next decade

10 The percentage of American nurses who are men

4 The percentage who were male in 1980

97 The percentage of construction workers, mechanics and farmers who are men

68 The percentage of administrative support workers who are women

55 The percentage who were women in 1980

11,000 The number of tons of salt N.C. transportation crews put out before Wednesday night’s storm

6.1 The highest official snow recording, in inches, in Wake County on Thursday; 7 inches fell inDurham and Orange counties and 9 inches near Graham, in Alamance County

230,000 The number of North Carolinians without power at the peak of outages Thursday

16.8 The percentage of support Jeb Bush garnered in an Elon poll of N.C. Republicans’ presidential picks

2.7 The support any “celebrity/entertainer” got

2 Where Chris Christie fell, also below the 3.1 Hillary Clinton received