Notable numbers: Female CEOS, school suspensions and departing UNC faculty

25 The percentage of North Carolinians who participate in church, synagogue or mosque beyond simple service attendance

19.4 The national average for such activity

17.7 The percentage of North Carolinians who participate in school, neighborhood or community groups or associations

13.9 The national average for such activity

53.3 The percentage of North Carolinians who donate more than $25 to charitable organizations; the national average is 50.1 percent

42 The percentage of mothers in India who are underweight

16.5 The percentage of underweight mothers in sub-Saharan Africa

1,826,163 The percentage the stock of Berkshire Hathaway has appreciated since Warren Buffett took it over 50 years ago

5.3 The percentage of CEOS of S&P’s 1,500 companies whose first name is John

4.5 The percentage whose name is David

4.1 The percentage of CEOS who are women of any name

1.2 The number of judges North Carolina has per 100,000 residents

6.8 The number other states with our type of court system have

76 The percentage of UNC system faculty members who reported offers from other institutions over the last two years who accepted them and left

45 The percentage decrease in school suspensions in Wake County over the past five years

1,017 The number of students who dropped out of Wake schools in the 2013-14 year

1,500 The number who dropped out in 2009-10

183 The number of North Carolinians who have died of the flu this season, the most since the state began keeping track in 2009

1,400 The number of additional teachers Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget proposal anticipates having to hire next year to keep up with enrollment growth

56 The percentage of Americans who support same-sex marriage

45 The percentage of Republicans who do

48 The percentage of all Americans who supported it two years ago

11 The percentage who supported it in 1988

1,420 The number of clean-energy jobs North Carolina added last year