Notable numbers: March basketball

The score on tournament time.

$1 million -- What Warren Buffett will award one employee who correctly predicts the Sweet 16 teams for the NCAA basketball tournament

367,700 -- Number of employees in Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and its subsidiaries

8 -- Number of teams in the NCAA tournament from 1939-1950

25 -- Maximum number of teams in the tournament

68 -- Current number of teams

128 -- Number of teams to which the tournament may one day expand

0 -- Number of NCAA playoff games to be held in North Carolina, because of HB2

1969 -- First television broadcasts of the tournament

4 -- number of TV networks broadcasting games this year

$1.56 million -- cost of a 30-second television commercial during the 2015 championship game

$10.8 billion -- amount of television contract with CBS and Turner Sports over 14 years

$8.8 billion -- amount of extension of television contract with CBS and Turner Sports to go to 2032

20 -- points scored by North Carolina in a 1941 NCAA game

11 -- most championships for one team, UCLA

19 -- most appearances in NCAA tournament by one team: North Carolina

04/03/2017 -- date that March Madness is over — in April