Notable numbers: The most liberal NC city, the most conservative and airport change

Notable numbers

Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake

3,800 The number of administrators in the California State University system in 1975

12,183 How many there were in 2008, a 221 percent increase

11,614 The number of full-time faculty in the CSU system in 1975

12,019 The number in 2008

$80,000 What the average new car would cost today if car prices had gone up as fast as tuition over the past three decades

$674,841 What people left in spare change at U.S. airport checkpoints last year

1 Where Greensboro ranks on the list of North Carolina’s most liberal cities

1 Where Mitchell County’s Bakersville, population 464 in 2010, ranks on the list of North Carolina’s most conservative cities

500 The number of soldiers from the 82nd Airborne headquarters who will deploy to Iraq in June to assume command and control over coalition troops training and advising Iraq’s military

13 The percentage decrease in the number of homes for sale in Durham, Johnston, Orange and Wake counties at the end of February over the same period a year ago

$248,600 The average sales price in February

$241,000 The average sales price in February 2014

209 The number of times police in South Carolina have fired their weapons at suspects in the past five years

0 The number of officers convicted in a shooting

1 in 8 The number of people in South Carolina jails who are there on contempt-of-court charges related to late or unpaid child-support orders

16 Where the United States ranks on the Social Progress Index for 2015

30 Where the U.S. ranks in life expectancy

55 In women surviving childbirth

38 In the equality of our education system

87 In cellphone use

$23,400 What a married couple with two kids in North Carolina had to earn in taxable income before paying income taxes prior to the 2013 state tax reform

$19,400 What that threshold is now