Margery “Margie” Johnson gave Raleigh her all

The North Carolina Symphony.
The North Carolina Symphony. Michael Zirkle

Margery “Margie” Johnson’s death Wednesday at the age of 82 ended a life of giving. Giving everything.

The long-time Raleigh resident, married for over 60 years to prominent business leader Earl Johnson Jr., was not a dabbler when it came to participating in charitable and noteworthy causes. She would be proudest, of course, of her family, including seven grandchildren, but Mrs. Johnson served her community not just with membership on the boards of good, sound organizations but with leadership.

She wasn’t just on the board of the N.C. Symphony; she at one time chaired it. Junior League? President. North Carolina History Museum Associates? President. Along the way she also was a charter member of the Foundation of Hope and a founding member of the Haven House. Her family appreciated her good humor, including in her obituary the fact that “she loved music, elephants, dark chocolate, card games ... babies, roses, good manners.”

A community needs its Margie Johnsons. Without them, any city or town can be a dull, uncaring, cold place. Margie Johnson conveyed to all who met her, even the first time, a warmth and down-to-earth friendliness. From a single individual to an entire city, that made a difference, for the good.