Notable numbers: Shark deaths, mass shootings and births to the unwed

Notable numbers

Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake

67 The percentage of live births in Iceland that are to unmarried mothers

56 The percentage of births in France that are to unmarried mothers

48 The percentage in Britain

41 The percentage in the United States

3 The percentage in Turkey

10 The average number of people killed each year by sharks

100 The number killed by elephants

10,000 The number killed by snails

50,000 By snakes

475,000 By people

725,000 By mosquitoes

1 in 122 The number of humans globally who are a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum

2018 The year that the U.S. food industry must have eliminated artery-clogging artificial trans fats from the food supply

350 The number of restaurants that McDonald’s is closing in the United States this year, the first time it has had a net reduction in restaurants

27 million The number of customers the chain serves each day in the United States

50 The percentage of all beer taxes collected in the United States that are paid by households earning less than $50,000 per year

200 The average number of days between mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and late 2011

64 The average number of days between mass killings in the United States since September 2011

10,400 The number of jobs North Carolina added in May

12,627 The number of people added to the ranks of the jobless the same month