Notable numbers: Deaths from terrorists, two-parent households and Obama love

Notable numbers


56 The number of people in North Carolina who have been wrongly prosecuted for capital murder in the past 25 years

112 The number of years those people spent in prison despite never having been convicted

$2.4 million The amount of taxpayer money wasted on those cases

87 The percentage of Americans who approve of the federal government’s requiring calorie labels at chain restaurants

71 The percentage who would support requiring large employers to adopt automatic enrollment in pension plans

70 The percentage who favor having state governments require people to say whether they want to be organ donors when they obtain their driver’s license

22 Where Forbes magazine ranks Raleigh on a list of best cities for getting your best bang-for-the-paycheck buck

16 Where Charlotte ranked

92 Percentage of children living with two parents in Israel

89 The percentage living with two parents in Egypt

72 The percentage in Brazil

69 The percentage in the United States

36 The percentage in South Africa

$1.4 million What the proposed House budget would cut from last year’s NC PreK spending levels, leading to 6,476 fewer slots for at-risk children

$4.1 million What the Senate budget would cut, leading to 6,976 fewer slots

81 The percentage increase in community college tuition since 2009 if you include the proposed increases in the House and Senate budgets

81 The percentage increase in the number of fatalities by terrorist attacks in 2014 over 2013

32,700 The number of deaths from terrorists in 2014

6,644 The number of those deaths attributable to Boko Haram, the Nigerian jihadist group

6,286 The number attributable to ISIL

94 The percentage of residents of the Philippines who have confidence in President Obama

76 The percentage of those in the UK and Canada who do

58 The percentage of Americans who do

11 The percentage in Russia who do