As winter nears

November’s sky arrived, clad in misty robes, shadowless and silent, no birdsong to cheer its chilly winds sweeping the fields and forests bare.

November breeds autumnal winds that sing loud and shrill, warning of wintery days soon to come wearing the armor of nipping frost.

Most of summer’s birds have found sanctuary from winter’s desolation by migrating across land and sea to sunny lands beyond the frost line.

Not all creatures take flight. Hibernation provides their solution for survival. Black bear and groundhog, after fattening themselves with emergency rations, choose winter-long dozing in cave or burrow. Similarly, various reptiles, the frog and toad, the snakes and lizards, find tunneling beneath root, through fallen leaf and debris, provides survival as they doze below the frost line.

But it was the dog that found that man and his fireplace provided the most comfortable and successful solution for surviving the harsh and deadly forces of winter.