Pete Rose strikes out, again

Getty Images

Pete Rose is 74, his baseball glory days long past, and a sentiment that he be made eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame is diminishing.

On Monday, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred rejected Rose’s plea for reinstatement.

It’s clear now that Pete Rose, who would need to be reinstated in order to be eligible for the Hall of Fame, is likely to remain outside the gates forever.

His sins were serious, betting on baseball while a manager and player for the Cincinnati Reds. And then Rose engaged in coverup and denial and finally came clean years after his story had come to light. “Charlie Hustle” had been his nickname for energetic play on the field. But Pete Rose was trying to hustle everybody. Manfred, only the latest commissioner to reject Rose’s pleas, said Rose has admitted he kept betting, legally, on horse racing and professional sports, including baseball.

That is not the profile of someone who has seen the problems with his ways and tried to change them. If being in baseball, and being in the Hall of Fame for his record for most lifetime hits, were that important to him, Rose would not have gambled them away.