Shifting seasons as celebrations fade

Another year has moved on, the feasting and extravagant times of celebration will soon be but memories. Daylight is lengthening, and winter’s cold – despite the recent warmth – will strengthen, a combination that will tell us the celebrations are over and it’s time to go back to work, for the days of cold and hunger are forever lurking, concealed within the shadowy tomorrows.

The constellation named in honor of Cassiopeia, the ancient Ethiopian queen, rides high in the southwest heavens tonight. Nearby is the most brilliant, most unmistakable star of all, Sirius, the gleaming celestial guidepost that steered the three wise men of old toward the distant village and led them to the manger where a baby boy had been born. By present accounting of time, the event occurred about 2,016 years ago, a mere wink as measured by the speed of light.

With the awakening of each sunrise, another opportunity is born. Each hour, day or second marks a fresh start, the present moment contains nothing more than the past. Like it or not, time relentlessly continues on its way, even if we would prefer a bit more of it to be available whenever the fish bite and the lark resumes its singing.