Notable numbers: Bernie fervor, fast-talkers and fewer teachers-to-be

Sen. Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders AP

1 Where Oregon ranks in the country in terms of the fastest talkers, as determined by an analysis of recorded calls from businesses

46 Where North Carolina ranks

1 Where New Yorkers rank on the list of those who talk the most

62 The percentage more words a New Yorker will use than someone from Iowa to have the same conversation with a business

3 Where North Carolina ranks in terms of Americans most likely to hang up if put on hold

54 The percentage of likely Democratic primary voters in North Carolina who believe the country is headed in the right direction

10 The percentage of likely Republican voters who think that

74 The percentage of likely Republican primary voters in the state who approve of the job Gov. Pat McCrory is doing

69 The percentage of likely Democratic voters who disapprove

84 The percentage of Democratic Iowa caucusgoers under age 30 who supported Bernie Sanders

14 The percentage who supported Hillary Clinton

$20 million What Sanders raised last month, $5 million more than Clinton

60 Sanders’ winning percentage of the vote in New Hampshire

39 What Clinton got

25 Sanders’ margin of victory over Clinton in towns making more than the $64,900 median income in New Hampshire

37 His margin among towns making less

19 The percentage of American adults who say they’ve never personally visited a public library

60 The percentage of 22,000 publicly traded companies in 91 countries that have no female board members

50 The percentage that had no female executives

5 The percentage that had a female chief executive

15 The percentage increase in profitability a company could expect to enjoy if it increased the share of women in top management positions from zero to 30 percent, according to a study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics

30 The percentage decrease since 2010 in enrollment in the bachelor’s and master’s education programs at the 15 UNC system schools with teacher-prep programs

38.4 The percentage decrease at UNC-CH

66.9 The percentage decrease at Winston Salem State

100 The percentage decrease at UNC-Asheville

50,000 The number of at-risk 4-year-olds in North Carolina eligible for NC PreK

6,400 The number fewer NC PreK slots available for at-risk 4-year-olds this year compared with 2009

7,200 The number of at-risk 4-year-olds on the waiting list for NC PreK last year

$140 million State funding for the Smart Start early childhood program this year

40 The percentage less that is when adjusted for inflation than 2009

71,587 The number of state-funded teaching positions in public schools in 2009

69,835 The number of state-funded teaching positions in the current school year

76,000 The number of additional students enrolled in public schools since 2008