Letters to the Editor

Mark Edelstein: N&O overKill on Coach K

When I opened my copy of The N&O on Monday, I thought I’d mistakenly gotten the Duke student newspaper, what with all the coverage given to Coach K’s 1,000th win. There was the special 10-page commemorative section and the first three pages of Sports Monday were wholly devoted to this event.

This I can understand. What is most disappointing is that the front page was almost entirely given over to this coverage, too.

This past year The N&O has given a lot of coverage and editorial criticism (and rightly so) to the academic scandal involving faculty and student-athletes at UNC-Chapel Hill. This is real and important news. While Coach K’s win is news and sells papers, it doesn’t deserve to receive front-page coverage.

We wonder and fret at the unwarranted influence big-time collegiate sports has at three of the Triangle’s largest universities and how it can corrupt the academics at these institutions. The N&O’s coverage of win No. 1,000 shows how this can be tolerated. The N&O seems to want its cake and eat it, too.

Giving front-page headlines to this event, The N&O becomes part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Mark Edelstein