Letters to the Editor

Chuck Johnson: Reality TV presidential campaign

At what point does someone say that their religious values and the values of the country come before the candidate of their political party?

Growing up I was taught to believe that Jesus loved all children, that cheating on your spouse was wrong, that boastfulness and greed was a sin, mocking the disabled was wrong and that “doing whatever you want to women” was wrong.

Donald Trump has mocked the disabled, repeatedly lied, brags about infidelity, treats women as objects, values money above all else, has called for killing the children of terrorists, supports torture and worse.

I admire the honorable Republicans who are walking away from him, and I hope that Democrats would do the same if someone like Trump was representing their party.

Life on this earth is short. What we say, how we behave and how we live define us as Americans and as decent human beings. Yes, we need to change some things, but pitting Americans against each other and treating running for the office of president like a Jerry Springer Show is a disgrace to every American and those Americans who have died protecting what this great country stands for. This country deserves much better.

Chuck Johnson