Letters to the Editor

Karyn Joyner: Vote for future, not past

I usually think of myself as too old to take on a crusade, but I cannot live with myself if I stay quiet on the issue that Donald Trump personifies in American life today.

It is the issue of what kind of life we want for the Americans coming after us, residents of a nation with a proud heritage who are being forced to consider the possibility of seeing that heritage debased into a society of “us against them,” prejudice even more extreme than we have confronted in the past, not just against people of color but people of gender and nationality, hatefulness in all its manifestations.

All coming from the mouth of one of the two candidates for president of the United States. In my time left as a free citizen of a great democracy, I ask us to use our power to vote to help safeguard that democracy for our coming generations.

Karyn Joyner