Letters to the Editor

David Higgins: Tolerate, not hate

I am a liberal, both politically and socially. I am opposed to House Bill 2 and would like to see it go away.

One of the most important planks of the liberal philosophy is working to create a society in which all people feel welcome. We abhor a society in which people of a certain characteristic are made to feel inferior to everyone else, and that is why we are opposed to HB2.

But if we want to create a society in which all feel welcome, then we should also be opposed to expressing hatred to people who disagree with us, especially if they are 40 to 50 percent of our fellow residents. Liberals should treat their opponents with respect and listen to what they have to say.

Conservatives are not bigots, they have genuine concerns. I could tell someone what they are, but I don’t have to because they are telling us themselves. And so what if they are bigots? Of course some people in our society are bigots, but we need to learn to live with them, not hate them. We can’t tell them “either agree with us or get out of our society, because you are a bigot, and we hate bigots.”

David Higgins