Letters to the Editor

Cindy Mills: Wolfpack needs support – all game

I would like to apologize to the N.C. State football team for the lack of support by fans, alumni and students. Week after week, I am embarrassed for our players.

These guys are giving their all every week for us, but what do they get? Fans and students who, if we are lucky, show up by the end of the first quarter, leave at halftime to resume their tailgate, and a few come back after the half.

At the Wake Forest game the students did not return. At the end of the game, when the players were filing by the student section, there were literally only two rows of students left in the stadium.

My heart went out to those players. We have many exciting and talented players who are a joy to watch. Win or lose, I love the games, and I love N.C. State, not only for the athletics, but for the absolutely first-class academic institution that it is today. The excuses I see on social media are pitiful. Support your team!

Cindy Mills

La Grange