Letters to the Editor

Rachel Anderson: Back to middle school for McCrory, Trump

Gov. Pat McCrory and Donald Trump need an education. McCrory admitted it himself when he said at the Family Research Council in Raleigh (“McCrory says good friends have shunned him, his wife over HB2,” Oct. 13 Under the Dome), “They passed an ordinance on private sector employers that said, if you don’t recognize gender identity and gender expression – two issues which I had never heard of – we will fine you.”

So McCrory approved and did not veto a law on a topic he knew nothing about?

Trump brushed off his comments about sexually assaulting women as “locker-room talk.” He obviously has no clue about rape culture.

Both of these men need to join my eighth-grade Human Sexuality course. My 13- and 14-year-old students leave my classroom knowing enough about these topics to have an intelligent conversation or debate. Time for school!

Rachel Anderson

Chapel Hill