Letters to the Editor

Dale Herman: Trump not asking for forgiveness

In the Oct. 11 news article “Aide says threat to jail Clinton a ‘quip’,” Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s aide, said that Trump’s comment about jailing Hillary Clinton was a “quip” and that he was “channeling the frustration” of voters. Yet, one of Trump’s common phrases is “believe me.”

So apparently, he thinks that we should believe him, but his aide does not? How are we supposed to know which of his outlandish statements are to be believed?

In the Oct. 11 news article “Burr says he’s forgiven Trump for lewd comments,” U.S. Sen. Richard Burr said that he has forgiven Trump for his “indefensible” comments about women.

It would seem to me that only God and the people who were directly offended by Trump’s comments and actions, namely women, are in a position to forgive. So, who does Burr think that he is?

Dale Herman