Letters to the Editor

Susan Wright: McCrory’s winning reforms

Regarding recent coverage of the gubernatorial race: Democrats and Roy Cooper have latched on to fringe issues, made a lot of noise, accepted a lot of out-of-state funds and ignored the obvious because it was in their interests to downplay the very positive effects of a McCrory governorship.

▪ In less than four years, McCrory’s reforms have canceled a $2.6 billion debt to the federal government and given us over a $400 million surplus.

▪ North Carolina now has around 300,000 new jobs, with more coming.

▪  The rainy day fund is at $1.6 billion, highest in state history.

▪  We have our lowest unemployment rate in eight years.

▪ North Carolina has one of the fastest growing economies in the nation.

As a state, we are moving in the right direction. These facts mean something to everyone, because everyone has to support their families. Everyone has to have a means of support, and that comes from jobs and positive tax reforms. McCrory knows what he’s doing. The social issues that Democrats are pressing are smoke screens. The bathroom you use won’t pay your bills. A strong job market will. Keep McCrory in Raleigh. We need him.

Susan Wright