Letters to the Editor

Lisa Warren: Fact-checking McCrory on teacher pay

We see political ads with distorted half-truths, not facts. One is that Gov. Pat McCrory supports public education. Under McCrory, however, there have been minimal raises for only the youngest, most inexperienced public school teachers.

McCrory states North Carolina teachers’ average pay is over $50,000.

Fact: Pay this year for a family member and teacher with 19 years in the classroom and a master’s degree is $47,850.

In the past North Carolina teachers received longevity pay based on their years of teaching. McCrory ended longevity pay and said this change was a teacher raise!

Fact: In 2014, McCrory’s administration took teacher longevity pay and added this teacher pay to their salaries. Now teachers with less than 10 years of experience will never have a chance to earn longevity, and teachers with over 10 years make exactly the same amount.

Talk with teachers about the facts.

I know politics is touchy, and we often vote along party lines, but in this election, please take a look at the real facts, not the false information stated as fact in TV commercials. Do what is right for our teachers and our youth. Remember the facts in November.

Lisa Warren