Letters to the Editor

David Powe: Transit plan will attract millennials

I moved to the Triangle from London. What brought me here were the wonderful people, jobs and low cost of living. Wake County checks all the boxes for a great place to live except one – public transportation.

Raleigh is cheaper than Boston, New York or D.C., but I don’t need to own a car in those cities. I’ve still got student loans, health insurance, rent and bills to pay. Adding car payments, insurance, gas and maintenance is a huge blow. Transportation is the average American’s second largest household expense, with cars costing around $9,000 per year to own and operate.

This election, Wake County gets to vote on a public transportation referendum tax referendum to fund an awesome 10-year public transportation plan. The plan includes a 37-mile commuter rail system from Garner to Durham (with stops in Raleigh, NCSU, Cary and Morrisville), a tripling of our bus system and the first bus rapid transit system in the state. It will cost less than a dime a day and well worth it.

If we want to continue to grow and attract millennials and knowledge workers, we need to get moving on public transportation.

David Powe