Letters to the Editor

Nedra Mills: No defending, forgiving Trump

Regarding the Oct. 13 Dana Milbank column “Religious right makes a deal with the devil”: Jerry Falwell, past leader of Moral Morality and Liberty University must be turning over in his grave at his son’s support of Donald Trump, especially after the leaked tape of his sexual attitude and actions toward women. He is still supporting Trump and said the leak might have been a conspiracy.

No matter how much he tries to change the subject by bringing up Bill Clinton’s sexual past and accusing everyone of lying, Trump cannot deny the words he uttered or his actions since by disdaining the people that are telling of his past abuse. What makes it worse is his excuse that it was just locker-room talk while showing no remorse.

Mike Pence said he forgives, and he was very contrite. Evidently he is looking at another dictionary than the rest of us because contrite, he was not.

No matter how much we hate Hillary Clinton, America cannot afford to have Trump in the highest office in the land. He is dangerous.

Nedra Mills

Holly Springs