Letters to the Editor

Mission questions

Regarding the Feb. 26 editorial “Emergency”: I don’t argue with the need for further funding for Brody Medical School but want to point out Brody’s mission and its success in that arena regarding production of family medicine physicians.

Data from the Journal of Family Medicine September 2009 shows that, of the medical schools in North Carolina, ECU graduated medical students who entered family medicine residency at 13.5 percent compared with 13.3 percent from UNC, 2 percent from Duke and 7 percent from Wake Forest University. One could argue that that is hardly fulfilling a mandate to provide primary care physicians to take care of the poor of North Carolina.

I can’t speak to the entire finances of any particular medical school and the need for further funding for a public one. However, the premise of the argument may be in question. I am a physician trained in North Carolina who returned to the state not in small part because I received a Board of Governors scholarship and felt responsibility to give a return on the investment. I am grateful and obviously support public funding of medical education.

James C. Jacobs, M.D.