Letters to the Editor

Aylett Colston: Don’t change court’s structure for political gain

Regarding the Nov. 13 editorial “Hands off N.C.’s high court”: Recently, North Carolinians elected Mike Morgan to the N.C. State Supreme Court. Now it appears that the North Carolina General Assembly and governor may deliberately subvert the voters’ decision by adding two new governor-appointed judges to the state Supreme Court at a special session that should be devoted to the needs of North Carolinians hurt by Hurricane Matthew.

If the highest state court in North Carolina is a political tool, then how can people trust that the judicial system is honorable and fair? At its foundation, a government’s right to govern comes from the consent of the people.

If the NCGA and governor thwart voters by passing self-serving, court-packing legislation during a special session ostensibly called for the benefit of hurricane victims, they will undermine their own legitimacy.

I love North Carolina. Growing up here, I camped in our mountains, swam at our shores and learned in school that we had a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Our state government should not change the structure of the state Supreme Court in order to defy the people.

Aylett Colston