Letters to the Editor

Nichol’s expertise

Gene Nichol has been invited to communities across New York State to speak about poverty, raising awareness and motivating audiences to act to improve circumstances for the working poor.

In 2014 the NYS Community Action Association embarked on a tour across our state, advocating, raising awareness, recognizing the achievements and continued need of people living in poverty. This tour was inspired by North Carolina’s Poverty Tour, which we learned about from Nichol.

Thousands of people participated in the NYS Community Action Poverty Tour 2014, speaking out about poverty and learning about poverty and the many issues related to it. A film was produced about the tour, and Nichol is a key voice in that film as well.

The reasons Nichol figures so prominently in New York’s anti-poverty efforts are simple: He is well-informed, knows the numbers and the realities of poverty, and he is eloquent, raising awareness and moving to action all who are lucky enough to hear him.

The UNC poverty center, under Nichol’s direction, raises awareness on issues of poverty and is training a new generation to understand, innovate and improve circumstances of working people in poverty – vital resources in addressing poverty.

Tina Zerbian

Salamanca, N.Y.