Letters to the Editor

Manish Fozdar: ACA needs repairing

Regarding the Dec. 26 editorial “Health care at true risk”: I have been painfully reading The N&O’s unrelenting, blind, and biased defense of the Obamacare over the last few months. The N&O editorial board is either on some mind-altering substances or deliberately spreading the false information to its readers.

Yes, Obamacare has edible ingredients for all – elimination of pre-exising condition clause, providing health care to children until they are 26 years of age and the concept of health care for all.

However, it has caused health insurance costs prohibitively expensive for millions of Americans without a doubt.

As a physician, I see many patients who are unable to afford the current costs of insurance premiums, out-of-pocket expenses and the stress of having to find new providers every year. These are hard-working fellow Americans who do not depend on government handouts.

The N&O must not ignore these faults of Obamacare. It needs to be revised. I hope that everyone can come to the negotiating table with honest intentions and keep politics aside. Obamacare is a very defective product that needs to be recalled, repaired and reissued.

Manish Fozdar