Letters to the Editor

Leonard Wilson: No Pat on the back

What an outrageous claim outgoing Gov. Pat McCrory made on TV recently when he stated that when he “came to Raleigh” state government was “broken” and “filled with corruption.” What corruption? What proof? What nonsense!

Thousands of dedicated, taxpaying residents of North Carolina who work to improve our state each and every day in public service can take his comments with a grain of a salt, considering the source. They weren’t corrupt or broken, as he implied, rather they continued to carry out their duties every day maintaining our highways, guarding the public from vicious criminals, caring for our poor and mentally ill and preserving our environment, among countless other public services.

A crime lab needing updating, a pet comment of his, was hardly deserving of his blanket indictment of all state government.

Disliked by many in his own party, including the legislature, McCrory’s derogatory comments about government seem even more absurd when one looks at his boasts of accomplishments when in fact they were very few.

Historians won’t pen much about him. Perhaps he will get that rumored federal appointment and call D.C. home. North Carolina will carry on absent him.

Leonard Wilson