Letters to the Editor

David Johnston: Small-town ideology dominates N.C.

Regarding the Dec. 25 news article “Mistrust clouds future deals”: State Sen. Bob Rucho commented on setbacks the Charlotte mayor dealt his efforts to dispel Charlotte’s image as the “The Great State of Mecklenburg.”

It seems to me Rucho and his colleagues have already done a good job of replacing that image with a new triumvirate: “The Great States of Eden, Black Mountain and Dunn.”

I used to think it might be nice to live in a smaller town. No longer. Based on the 1950s mentality small-town North Carolina keeps sending to Raleigh, I know I would never fit in.

Furthermore, when the day of reckoning comes, as it most surely will, I believe the Charlottes will have to take the lead in making North Carolina great again.

Contrary to Republican ideology the ’50s are gone, and they won’t be coming back.

David Johnston