Letters to the Editor

For all ages

I was pleased to see Jim Jenkins’ Feb. 19 column “Good kicking and screaming” extolling the benefits of the Korean martial art Taekwondo. Specifically, he listed discipline and physical fitness as two of the benefits that children receive from their studies at such a studio.

I would like to add to his remarks by saying that Taekwondo is not just for children. One of the real positive qualities I have found is the mixing of children and adults in the same class.

In martial arts, a student’s designation is determined by rank, as illustrated by the color of the belt level achieved. And adults as well as children learn respect, focus, patience and perseverance and to have a positive attitude.

Taekwondo is an excellent source for physical, mental and spiritual growth. It is for any age. Students are not expected to perform like Bruce Lee, but to just do their best.

I have been studying for five years and will be tested for my black belt in May. I am 63 years old.

Carol Alverson