Letters to the Editor

Jonathan E. Curtis: Dollar’s rant reinforces perception of board’s decision

Regarding the March 3 letter “Nothing to show” by state Rep. Nelson Dollar: There we have it in black and white, vituperative phrases of mischaracterizations, half-truths and thinly disguised hatred from an elected representative.

For a legislator to be so blatant in such an attack is beyond appalling, until it sinks in that this is exactly the type of condescension, arrogance and blindness we’ve witnessed and suffered under by a majority of our state’s elected representatives.

To carry this ongoing “discussion” further: With all due respect to Board of Governors Chair John Fennebresque (“Why we closed three centers,” March 3 Point of View), he can explain the board’s rationale all he wants and be speaking the truth with every point he makes, but he will never dissuade many of the public of the notion that UNC-Chapel Hill’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity was closed due to political leveraging.

Letters such as Dollar’s are never, ever going to help the board win credence for its decision; it only strengthens the perceptions already in place.

Jonathan E. Curtis