Letters to the Editor

David N. Camaione: Leave Coach K news in Sports

Regarding the Jan. 3 news article “Coach K taking leave to have lower-back surgery”: I have the utmost respect for the accomplishments achieved by Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. But really, a front-page story on a pending back surgery chronicled also on one-third of page 9A? Let’s get serious. This story belongs in the sports section.

To highlight an athletic story on the first page of your paper connotes a severe overemphasis on sports. Regrettably our nation is seemingly more interested in winning championships than the basic freedoms of our country, a sad indictment.

We have serious matters confronting this nation with the potential demise of our democratic republic, because of the particular actions and attitude of the new president-elect. He has displayed obvious threats to our Constitution and has shown disrespect for the office of the presidency.

The N&O’s front page should be used to discuss national and state maters. Your readers want to know may things, including the president-elect’s planned policies, his naming of controversial appointments, his messages on how to make the lives of so many Americans better and most certainly a dialogue on his attack of the free press.

David N. Camaione