Letters to the Editor

Steve Barnes: America voted for change

Regarding Paul Krugman’s Jan. 9 column “The age of fake policy”: Paul’s posted resume shows that he is an educated man – lots of studies, books, articles.

To my knowledge, Paul has never run a business, never had responsibility to meet a payroll or comply with the myriad and ever-expanding maze of government regulations, including, but not limited to Obamacare.

When Paul stated that the President-elect (repeat “elect”) Donald Trump’s efforts “to date” are fake policy, “he” (Paul) is correct. (The last eight years of Obama real policies have weakened our country internationally and financially, and polarized our country racially and politically.)

The professional politicians, the Hollywood liberals and the college campus professorial elitists, who for the past eight years have lived in their sheltered bubbles, apparently still don’t understand. Obama’s third term was by any measure soundly rejected, and our electoral process voted in change – practical, fiscal and social change. Buckle up!

Steve Barnes