Letters to the Editor

Peg O’Hara: Snug in snowstorm in retirement community

Conventional wisdom seems to be that people want to remain in their own homes when they get old. Maybe most do, but there’s a downside.

There’s nothing like a winter weather emergency such as we had the past few days to point up the problems of living alone – and the comfort and peace of mind that come from living in a good retirement community.

While everyone else was stocking up on groceries and snow shovels, digging out their cars and clearing sidewalks, the residents of Bartlett Reserve, where I live, were sitting pretty. We had our meals on schedule, enjoyed our normal activities and went about our lives, safe and warm.

Our staff brought in air mattresses and slept on the floor so they’d be here if roads were too dangerous for them to get in. Food supplies were ample; staffers even rolled out a cart of hot chocolate and s’mores for a snow-day treat. There was a standby generator in case we lost power.

None of us had the slightest worry about getting cold or wet or running out of food or being alone at a dangerous time. I couldn’t have said that in my old house.

Peg O’Hara