Letters to the Editor

Sally McIntee: Worry about real issues

North Carolina, get out of the dark ages of Old Testament-thinking when it comes to oppressing those with different hormone chemistry.

What people do in privacy is not of anyone else’s concern, nor do any of these individual choices negatively affect others.

If someone feels horrible, disgusted, seeing another person not in accordance with their religion, consider the private relationship each person has with their God, and find someone, or something, else, who, or what, might benefit, more, from their attention. Make sexual orientation a protected class, nix HB2, and move on.

Our community, our government, has more important matters to address.

Developers are building in flood-prone areas, when they shouldn’t. There are veterans without homes begging on street corners. We have people in jails that should be in hospitals. We have adults that need job re-training. I can think of hundreds of real concerns to our state, all having nothing to do with sex.

When Jesus said, repeatedly, “respect your neighbor,” and, “judge not,” he meant exactly that. There is nothing Christian in the profit-incentive, avoiding taxes or underpaying people because of a labor surplus.

If someone thinks so, then try putting a camel through the eye of a needle.

Sally McIntee

Chapel Hill