Letters to the Editor

Patty Dorian: Christian righteousness reigns

Regarding the Jan. 8 news article “Andy Griffith’s hometown hopes Trump will make America great again”: Sarah Bailey’s piece about “Andy Griffith’s hometown” was excellent journalism. Twice I read it before I fully understood.

Those who think themselves decent human beings were mercilessly exposed by their own words: The minister’s wife who helps those who “go to church regularly,” who are “worthy,” and went on to state African-Americans would “have a different perspective if they tried harder to help themselves;” the couple who want a “more limited federal government,” but who want that government to control abortion, gay marriage and school prayer; the confession by Lizzie Morrison that “middle aged-men might call you sweetie and belittle you a little bit.”

It’s like a 1950s Stephen King horror story.

I’ve long thought this kind of racism, classism and misogyny was the purview of dinosaurs, whose tail we were watching as it rounds the corner into extinction. But the dinosaurs have been emboldened. They have no fear, and, more frightening, no embarrassment as they express their ignorance and hate.

These people appear to flock to church and then judge others for their absence. God save me from this brand of Christianity. I’m praying our better angels surface ... and soon.

Patty Dorian