Letters to the Editor

Liz Johnston: Women’s march more than anti-Trump

I was pleased to see the Jan. 15 news article “Women from the Triangle head to March on Washington.” However, I was dismayed that a photo caption indicated this is an anti-Trump rally.

With so many people attending, there are many agendas for marching, and there will surely be some protesting the Donald Trump presidency. The stated mission is not anti-Trump. It is about the recognition, acceptance, inclusion and protection of rights, not only for women, but for our diverse population.

In addition to the national march, there are 250 state and local marches taking place the same day, including Raleigh. Facebook, Women’s March on Raleigh has start times and location. Marches are planned in cities across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America and Australia with a global goal of ensuring health care, equality, security and representation for women.

While I am glad this grassroots effort has expanded globally, it is very sad that this march is needed in this day and age, particularly in the United States.

I will be in Washington on Jan. 21 and encourage women and men of all ethnicities, sexual preferences, religious beliefs or other differences to participate as well.

Liz Johnston