Letters to the Editor

Joe Hodges: Taxing times for seniors

Please don’t give me a North Carolina income tax break anymore. I cannot afford it because now that I have lost a $2,000 private pension exclusion that I worked 35 years for, I have to pay 7 percent more to read a newspaper and I have to pay about 3 percent more for my electricity to light, heat and cool my house.

I recently learned that I have to pay 5 percent more to watch satellite TV because of a new state video communications tax. By the way, the video communications tax was imposed only on satellite TV, not cable, so the satellite companies have sued the state alleging unequal treatment, and taxpayer dollars will have to be spent to defend this lawsuit.

The only new tax I might agree with is the extra tax that will be imposed on us if the N.C. legislature sets a minimum rate on our gas tax. We probably need that additional revenue to maintain our roads.

My only question at this point is “What’s next?”

Joe Hodges