Letters to the Editor

Melissa Marr: Build more snow days into school calendar

As what happens every few years, the Wake County Public School System is faced with assigning makeup snow days above and beyond the normal snow days already built into the calendar with much dissension from parents on appropriate makeup days – religious holidays, Saturdays – and no one is happy.

When my kids were in school during the 2000 snowpocalypse, suggestions were made to alter bus routes during exceptional snow events so that buses would pick up kids at major intersections for which snow removal had made roads passable. I saw kids at the movies, at restaurants and at malls during the last few snow events when neighborhoods were impassable but primary roads were clear. Clearly, these kids needed to be in school.

Either implement a new bus pattern for excessive snow days or build the maximum number of snow days into the calendar to alleviate this controversy for winters with excessive snowfall so parents have the proposed makeup days upfront.

Melissa Marr