Letters to the Editor

Laura H. Kiley: Passing bill needs to die head-on

Thanks to our North Carolina legislature, I no longer need to drink coffee in the morning. All I need to do is open up The News & Observer to get my blood moving.

I read in the March 4 news article “Bill would let drivers cross yellow lines” that two Republican legislators have proposed a bill that would allow any vehicle to pass on a double yellow line if the vehicle (such as a bicycle or a garbage truck) in front of the driver is going half the posted speed limit.

Later, on my way to a meeting along a two-lane curvy road, I could just imagine my horror in meeting a passing vehicle face to face in my lane as it was passing a hypothetical garbage truck on a blind curve.

These are not the same legislators who proposed raising the speed limit for school buses (filled with children without seat belts) to 55 miles an hour so that that legislators would not be inconvenienced by being stuck behind a slow-moving bus?

I hope that for the safety of all, this “double yellow line” bill will die as quick a death as the “yellow bus” bill.

Laura H. Kiley

Chapel Hill