Letters to the Editor

Bonnie Cramer: Dollar’s impact

Regarding the March 3 letter “Nothing to show”: Rep. Nelson Dollar’s vitriolic attack on the director of the UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity was a clear sign that the silencing of the director was the primary purpose of the Board of Governors’ review. He charges that “nothing impactful” has resulted from the center’s work.

The poverty center has educated the public on the shameful poverty in our state. Education includes the results of the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, tax increases on middle and low income, tax increases on seniors, new taxes on services and the repeal of the Earned Income Tax Credit benefiting the working poor.

The center has educated on Republican refusal to expand Medicaid with full federal funding . We understand the effects of lost child-care subsidies for low- and moderate-income persons and need for pre-kindergarten. We have been educated on lost in-home meals for older and disabled North Carolinians and on wage stagnation and harsh treatment by the Republican majority of the unemployed.

That is the record of “impact” by Dollar and the Republican leadership on the state’s poverty. He needs to look in the mirror when writing about the lack of impact on the state’s poverty, work and opportunity for its residents.

Bonnie Cramer