Letters to the Editor

Poverty center? Tsk, tsk

I have to confess that I usually do not agree with the editorial stance of The N&O, but I find myself in total agreement with the Feb. 20 editorial, “Legacy of shame.”

UNC-CH is, and has been, a shining light for our state, and I have real concerns that the Board of Governors’ actions in recent months – the firing of Tom Ross and the closing of Professor Gene Nichol’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity – will only serve to diminish it.

Unfortunately, I fear that your editorial may be an exercise of “tilting at windmills” as I am not sure that the BOG is capable of feeling shame as we might define it and has developed an outstanding capacity to rationalize its actions.

I am sure that BOG members, if they even read The N&O, will see your editorial and shake their heads, tsk-tsking that we just don’t understand the issues that they are dealing with. I think I understand what they are doing all too well. And I am ashamed of them for it.

Brian Curran

Chapel Hill