Letters to the Editor

Phil Kirk: Board did its job well in closing centers

Congratulations to the UNC Board of Governors for its courage in closing three centers after extensive review of the hundreds throughout the UNC system. Since the opponents have focused on the Center for Poverty, Work and Opportunity, I will also.

Many have forgotten that the poverty center was established to give former U.S. Sen. John Edwards a platform for enhancing his national image.

Eradicating poverty has been a laudable goal for at least 75 years. Has the poverty center had any impact on the rate of poverty? In fact it has gone up since the center was created.

Another fact seldom mentioned is that Gene Nichol was forced out as president at William and Mary. If Nichol were a conservative, the media would mention this and other negative issues in every story.

I have often wondered what the reaction would be if conservatives such as Art Pope and the Koch brothers wanted to establish a Center for the Promotion of Free Enterprise at UNC-Chapel Hill. We know the answer.

“Academic freedom” is a battle cry when it is convenient for liberals. Scant coverage has been given to the centers that voluntarily closed on a number of campuses and others that are being evaluated further. This would never have happened if the UNC Board of Governors had failed to do what it is supposed to do and that is to review programs and policies.

Phil Kirk