Letters to the Editor

William H. Race: Hatred fueled center closings

Regarding the March 3 letter “Nothing to show”: Hats off to Rep. Nelson Dollar for telling the truth about closing UNC’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity. He said, “The bottom line is the center has contributed nothing impactful on the issues of poverty, work or opportunity, and (Gene) Nichol is nothing more than a strident left-winger with no fresh ideas. The university system has no business creating and maintaining centers for the likes of (John) Edwards and Nichol.”

Board chairman John Fennebresque in the March 3 Point of View “Why we closed three centers” couched the BOG’s reasons for closure in mealy-mouthed terms: “did not work across disciplines to effect change.”

Dollar gave the real reason: political hatred of Democrats John Edwards and Gene Nichol.

William H. Race

Chapel Hill