Letters to the Editor

Cheryl Mensch: Family planning support needed

Regarding the March 1 news article “Snow days can lead to hungry days for some”: I am always conflicted about these situations. On one hand, we have children and adults going hungry because the usual food supplies have been inadequate due to weather-related emergencies. Food is a necessity, and people cannot go without it. On the other hand, these families have children whom they cannot support without assistance. What has happened to the concept of family planning?

Am I wrong to assume that birth control and family counseling are available to them? Am I wrong to believe that the adults have the responsibility to manage family size according to their income to provide both stability and the necessities?

The News & Observer has an excellent track record of providing well-researched reporting about controversial but relevant issues facing our society, and I hope to see a series of articles about the resources available to low-income families that promote responsible decision-making and the obstacles that stand in their way.

Cheryl Mensch

Southern Pines