Letters to the Editor

John Corbin: Gun owners still need proper training

Regarding the Feb. 13 Under the Dome article “Bill would allow concealed carry without permit”: It is hard to understand the rationale behind House Bill 69 (lawful to carry a concealed handgun without a permit) other than that it would just put handguns in the pockets of more people.

On the face of it, the bill would make North Carolinians less safe for two reasons.

First, this bill does away with the eight-hour training class which now sets at least a minimum standard for educated gun ownership.

Second, problems, potential or otherwise, would only show up only after the fact. In contrast, the current law requires fingerprinting and other identifying information to be taken at the outset, allowing for proactive screening.

We should be making it harder, not easier, for terrorists, and folks with mental health or substance abuse problems to acquire the means to do great harm to others or themselves.

John Corbin