Letters to the Editor

Louise Taylor: Marching to end gerrymandering

In Barry Saunders’ Feb. 14 column “Crowd numbers matter most at the polls,” he argued that “marching and clogging the streets is fine,” but that folks ought to have marched to the polls.

As one who voted in November and marched on Feb. 11, I want to correct the impression that marching is more fun than voting.

The reason many of us who voted also marched is that gerrymandered districts in our state have made some votes count more than others.

Last fall, 2,117,147 North Carolinians (47 percent) voted for a Democratic representative to Congress, but elected only three Democrats, or 23 percent of the NC delegation. On the other hand, 2,423,271 voters (53 percent) elected 10 Republican representatives, or 77 percent of the delegation.

One reason people are marching is because our voting power has been eroded by gerrymandering.

Louise Taylor

Buies Creek