Letters to the Editor

Ian VanHeusen: Jesus’ rules can be difficult

Regarding the Feb. 13 column “She can’t joint Catholic Church, despite calling”: As a priest, I have often accompanied people who are divorced and remarried. It is hard and more heart goes out to them.

I have often wondered in these moments the wisdom of the teaching on divorce, and I would put it high the list of things that are difficult to accept about Jesus Christ. Yes, Jesus Christ, not the Catholic Church.

The teaching on divorce comes directly from Jesus Christ (Matthew 19:3-12, Mark 10:2-12) and there are several features that are striking about it. One, this is one of the rare occasions where Jesus Christ makes a hard and fast rule (at least in the sense of law or prohibition). Second, this is the one case where Jesus is “more strict” than the Old Testament, and it seems as though the disciples had a hard time accepting it as well.

Jesus’ teaching is often difficult to accept. I thank you for sharing the story of Maril, and I will certainly keep her in my prayers.

Ian VanHeusen