Letters to the Editor

Doug Jurney: Staff turnover doomed Gottfried

Regarding the Feb. 17 news article “Change of direction”: I am indifferent to Mark Gottfried’s firing although I think the way it was done was most tacky.

I think one reason for this awful year is his demotion of Bobby Lutz in April of 2016. Lutz was highly respected and successful at UNC Charlotte, which has had little success since he left. But more than that he is considered one of the best “X’s and O’s” coaches in the country and was in charge of State’s defense, getting the team set up for the opponent’s defense.

Gottfried wanted to make his own major changes in defense, and we all know what a disaster that has been. This relates to his problem of too much personnel turnover.

Many of his players have left early (and not all for the NBA), and he now has only one of his original coaching staff left. This is compared to the same assistant coaches you see year after year on the UNC or Duke bench. Not good!

Doug Jurney