Letters to the Editor

Scott Johnson: Taxes, press essential to democracy

On most weekends I have chores on my list to be accomplished. These chores are like all that I do on my weekends – activities that involve money, time and efforts that are not always pleasant. However they are responsibilities that I do to protect my family, home and investments.

This weekend I will prepare my income taxes and invest in a free press. For me both are chores which I do as a significant contribution to the responsibilities I have listed.

I do not like the current political power base at both the federal and state level – for both I would rather a moderate, progressive and inclusive agenda.

I believe in our system of government which has provided education, opportunity and security for me. Likewise, I pay for my newspaper subscription to ensure a free press. Without the resources to report, interpret and challenge my governments’ actions in open and free debate, I believe our democracy is at risk.

Scott Johnson

Chapel Hill